Illustrator, Graphic & Motion Designer, Art Director


– but you may call me Maggie – and I’m a multidisciplinary creative living and working in Hamburg, Germany.

Whether it’s illustration, graphic design or motion design –  in all that I do, I want to tell a good story. I’m passionate about finding the right angle and an authentic voice for every project and client.

My love for storytelling was implemented early on. As a child, you would usually find me escaping reality with my nose buried in a book or propped up in front of the TV watching Disney cartoons. My parents made sure I would turn out weird by getting me cassettes with deep and somber parables and stories by writers such as Peter Bichsel and Josef Guggenmos, many of which have remained stuck in my head up to this day. Weekly trips to the public library did their part in shaping my imagination, getting me my frequent fix of new books and comics, and fueling my interest for literally everything that surrounds me. From there it was only a small step before I started developing my own short-stories and comics.

These days, more than anything, I’m inspired by the dark and weird corners of the internet – I love browsing tumblr blogs concerned with futurism, strange architecture, botany or animals, forgotten worlds and stuff I can’t make sense of. Cartoons have stuck with me as well, though my taste has evolved a bit and I now enjoy many different styles besides googly-eyed dogs and mice. Favourites include Rick & Morty, BoJack Horseman, Bobs Burgers and Adventure Time.


IKEA, IKEA FAMILY, HVV (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund), Volkswagen, Porsche, Deichmann, GeoMini (Gruner+Jahr), Sauerländer Verlag, sensor Magazin (Mainz), Asklepios Kliniken, ecco, Amplifon, Peek&Cloppenburg Düsseldorf