& Hyde.

Eine illustrativ-grafisch-experimentelle Nacherzählung des Klassikers „Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde“ von Robert Louis Stevenson.

An illustrative/graphical/experimental renarration of Robert Louis Stevensons classic „Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde“.

„& Hyde.“ is my bachelor thesis, which I realised between 2011 and 2012 at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster. Early in my studies I became obsessed with this old story, finding myself torn between concentrating on becoming an illustrator or a graphic designer. With this book I found the perfect outlet to play both with typography and illustration, classic and modern techniques.

I spent a whole semester translating the book from the 19th century old english original version to a new german version. I split the book in four parts, with each of the main characters telling their own story of how they meet and interact with Mr. Hyde.

Hyde is the element of chaos throughout the whole book. Whenever he surfaces, the book turns red. To showcase him as a rather brutal outside force on the book and on all the other characters, I manually printed angry red linoleum stencils on top of many of the already chaotic mixed-media illustrations.