Joey Comeaus „Lockpick Pornography“ Re-Design.

This was a university project for typography class.

We were told to re-design a book that we thought had bad typography to make it work better and in unison with the story. While Joey Comeau’s novel „Lockpick Pornography“ wasn’t poorly designed, it had a drastic „voice“ that I felt could benefit from louder typography and imagery.

The novel focuses on the topics of heteronormativity, bi/homo/trans-sexuality. In the design process I spent a lot of time on tumblr, reading up on LGBTQ issues and first-hand experiences. It felt right to draw from the images that I was presented on these blogs, so they made their way into my re-design.

Depending on whether the current part of the story was taking place during day- or nighttime, the background-colour changed from white to black.

Reading the book, the lines between men/women, gay/straight, right/wrong become more and more blurry. To support this feeling of unease and confusion, all of the pictures and certain text passages got a shaky or blurry look.

All of the words that might be difficult for non-native speakers or belong to „the scene“ were explained along the way.