Rhizom *1,2

Rhizom is a magazine project that is re-invented and -designed each semester at the University of Applied Sciences Münster. Each time there’s a new topic and a new group of students working on it. The issue I participated on was focusing on sustainable design, green-washing, environmental problems … our place in the big picture. To put a humouristic spin on these heavy topics, we gave our issue a very un-ecological look. We chose shiny paper with a plastic feel, stuffed the paper with additional flyers and even put in a light-weight brochure with extremely photoshopped zombie-versions of each author. (I had the pleasure of doing these!) All of this was of course only to mislead our readers. We payed crucial attention to every design decision and made sure to minimize our magazines ecological footprint. Our covers were printed on top of paper that would otherwise have gone to waste at the printing plant. Every author got to chose their own cover version – not one of our 2000 copies looked the same.

There was also a lot of manual customizing involved. We scribbled, spray-painted and kohlrabi-printed into every single one of our issues.

My article discussed merchandise, its bad and even worse sides and looked back to seemingly more innocent childhood days. And bashed Hannah Montana in the process.